Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lionel Lloyd of The Painted Finish

It is a great feeling when someone working on your home becomes a person you look forward to chatting with every day. Lionel Lloyd of The Painted Finish is just that kind of guy.
Lionel's house painting company evolved out of a business partnership with a friend. They started out together doing property management. Since the properties frequently needed painting as part of the regular maintenance, it was a natural transition for Lionel to step into this line of work in 1987. He has been doing it ever since. Sometimes his step-son Cameron steps in to assist him on the job, as needed.

Painting seems like an obvious choice for Lionel, given his decidedly artistic bent. His attention to detail and perfection on the job reflect his artistic priorities. Lionel was a finalist at the first FOTOWEEKDC in 2008, and was honored to meet some of the photographers he admires and respects. See his amazing photography work at Spiderpaw's Blog, where he displays some truly magical images.

Lionel revels in travel, history and culture. He has had some fantastic adventures visiting his wife's family. She is originally from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, where they enjoy a great deal of peace and quiet at their family cottage, which is accessible via a not-insignificant ride in a small boat. On Lionel's most recent trip to visit them he logged 3,000 miles around the United Kingdom with his brother-in-law, seeing many of the sites important to the history of the U.K. He hopes to have the opportunity to visit France when they are visiting across the pond in the future.

He has upcoming plans to do an essay of his in-laws' family history. He also hopes to do both portraiture and an essay on a friend's family, focusing on their Salvadoran heritage.
The photo above is from Lionel's recent fall photo collection. This shot is from the Cushwa Basin of the C&O Canal in Big Pool, MD. The Cushwa Brick graphic was a particularly interesting coincidence. Harmon Builders renovated a home in a previous project, matching the original Cushwa brick with new brick from the original manufacturer.

Should Lionel find his way to a painting project at your home, be sure to collect some of his fascinating tales. Don't forget to ask if he has any photographs to show you. You will be swept off your feet by the beautiful work Lionel can do, both with a camera and with a paintbrush on your walls. It is a true pleasure to have him on board any project with his friendly commitment to high-quality work.

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