Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Basement Remodeling

One of the joys of a basement remodel is the opportunity to work on a space that is enclosed from the elements and not subject to the whims of the weather. These can be relatively economical projects that enhance the livable area of a home without the expenses incurred when you are increasing the footprint of a house, yet the possibilities for a basement space are unlimited.

Dreaming of a home movie theater? The basement offers a great, naturally dark space to take advantage of. Some recessed lighting and wall sconces on a dimmer switch can give it the full effect of a night out at the movies, with all the coziness of staying in. Plus you can furnish it with cushy seats and have warm blankets on hand to go with your popcorn.

Lilliputian playland? Especially if your ceiling heights are low, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to have some storage built for games and toys. Add in some child scaled furniture. This can age into a teen paradise as the kids grow older, too, with some video gaming chairs and a game system tucked away.

Lounge around? No, not (necessarily) the kind you do in a Snuggie, but a grown up room for sipping Scotch and listening to music or for tasting wine and cheese with your book club. A cozy, tucked away downstairs space can be a great spot to cultivate the perfect lounge ambiance. Add a sleek bar and wine storage for a luxurious space.

Guest suite? A small kitchenette and bedroom downstairs with a pull out sofa and built in entertainment cabinet can make your home a welcome place for guests. When friends and family aren't around, you can still enjoy the little hideaway for yourselves.

Truly the options go on and on: a multipurpose family room with a Murphy bed, a home office with built in desks and cabinets, a pool room with wood paneling, a craft room with a sewing table and storage cabinets for all the supplies. We would be delighted to help you see any of these dreams become a reality.

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