Monday, December 1, 2014

Dreamy Basement Renovation Ideas

An unfinished basement means an uncharted world of possibility. In particular, it is possible to take advantage of things that might make the below level space unappealing at first thought, and turn that into the best part of your home.

The word den truly evokes a cozy ambiance. A basement often has lower ceiling height. Create the a perfect space for a retreat. Add a warm fireplace surrounded by low profile furniture to sink into. Enrich it with custom carpentry and wood paneling and that is just the right note for sipping cocoa on a winter's night. Even better, add a hidden door behind some shelves to conceal unfinished storage space in another area.

A dark basement can make an excellent area to enjoy a drink on the weekend. Think of a secluded speakeasy setting, with gorgeous salvaged wood trim to perfect the ambiance. Tin tile replica drop ceiling panels might offer practicality with a nod to the prohibition era. The basement is also perfect for a wine cave; perhaps a jewel toned wine bar to maximize enjoyment. Cheers!

Lack of light in a basement can also lend itself perfectly to a home theater room. There are many ways to do this, whether it is a traditional theater with terraced recliners for seating all oriented toward a big screen, wall sconces, and lights running along the floor. A more versatile seating arrangement with a built in entertainment center and game cabinet might do if you want to make the most of your finished square footage.

Another basement bonus is privacy. This could mean an ideal home office to keep work separate from home, while still being right at hand. It is also well suited to a guest suite. You may want to take advantage of the opportunity to keep the peace and quiet all for yourself and create an owner's suite downstairs instead!

Many people use the separation from the rest of the house to provide play space for their children, and the clutter they create so quickly. Built in cabinets and shelves help keep the space organized. Stained concrete flooring in some of the area offers a beautiful durable surface that kids can use for riding toys or skates, staying warm in the winter while getting the wiggles out.

Whatever your fancy, enjoy making your space your own

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