Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hardware Store Cleaning Hacks

Who doesn't love using something you already have hanging around to tackle a job quickly and thoroughly? I noticed that a number of the things you might find in a hardware store can be put to good use for home cleaning and maintenance--especially a few of the big, aggravating chores.

Here are a few that seemed worth hanging onto.

  • A plumber's snake to clear out your downspouts
  • A paint roller wrapped in a dryer sheet with the long arm extension will dust your fan blades
  • Goo Gone gets hardened sap off of vinyl siding
  • A length of plastic pipe taped to your vacuum hose to reach tall cobwebs in the corner (or alternatively, and probably easier, a wrapping paper roll)
  • A cordless drill and buffing wheel or specially designed brush head for cleaning showers
  • A plastic putty knife for soap scum removal

Family Handyman is an especially good resource for these not-so-routine jobs.

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