Monday, May 26, 2014

Water Gardens to Swim In

A stunning lily pond landscape feature would be a dreamy addition to any backyard. How much more magical would it be to have a water garden that we could swim in?

A natural swim pond is a chemical free pool with a natural aquatic plant filtration system to remove contaminants. The water garden of plants like cala lilies and cannas, horsetails, lotuses and grasses deprives would-be algae of nutrients and attracts friendly insects to manage pesky mosquitoes. Rocks attract beneficial bacteria. The plant garden is separated from the swimming area by a retention wall.

My sketch of the system. A pump, swim area, and plant regeneration zone, which incorporates plants and rocks behind a wall separating the swim area from the regeneration zone.
A simple water pump for circulation is the most technical of equipment required. A waterfall feature can be both beautiful and help with oxygenation of the water, which helps the plant life thrive. Some natural pools do not need to be drained over the winter. You simply allow the plants to follow their natural cycle of dormancy, and if it is cold enough the swimming pond may even be used for ice skating.

While still benefiting from avoiding the chemicals, an alternative gravel filter can be used instead of the plant garden. This allows you to replicate the appearance of a traditional pool, if that is your preference.

According to Houselogic, the costs of construction are comparable to traditional pools, but without the maintenance expenses required for chemical care.

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