Friday, March 14, 2014

Building a Dream Home for Retirement

I had a lovely morning seeing the Harmon team in action. My mother and father in-law, Anne and Jim, let me come along with them to see a stunning home that the Harmon Builders craftsmen are working on for homeowners who are retiring to the outskirts of Frederick. My in-laws are interested in finding or building a home that will allow them to live on one level, and the Harmons let us have a look at a project that incorporates many of the same needs they think will be priorities for their next home.

Besides offering single floor living, the home has ample space to accommodate large family gatherings. A long dining room will allow the whole family to be seated for Thanksgiving dinner, and a beautiful kitchen appointed with Paul's custom cabinetry opens into the living area. The open floor plan is great for those multi-generational celebrations. It also enhances accessibility if at any point a member of the family were to experience mobility limitations. The basement has guest rooms, a bath, and a common area to hang out in. The space includes a mini-fridge and small counter space to store snacks and breakfast items for visiting grandchildren.

Paul measuring to hang glass front doors for the stemware cabinets over the wine bar.
While we were there, counter tops were being installed all over the home. The owners have made some beautiful design decisions. We got to appreciate the wow factor of seeing the finishing touches go on. Most of the kitchen has natural, light-stained maple cabinetry. An island and wine bar are done in a lovely green that makes a beautiful contrast. The stone tops coordinate with the paint colors--a neutral stone paired with the stained cabinets and a green stone that perfectly matches the island and wine nook (above). The adjacent living and dining areas are painted in a creamy yellow.

We learned a lot about the considerations that Jim and Anne will want to think about as they decide what steps they will take moving forward. Thanks to the Harmons for taking the time to give us so much valuable information. It's always a pleasure to see what amazing things they are working on. I can't wait to see how this home turns out and share more about it.

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